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From: Curtis
For those items that you would designate for use with Bonsai I would recommend some basic dimensions. That would provide the bonsai artist the chance to guage if your pot would be compatable with their trees.

Nice work over all.  Nice eath tones with a smattering of the air and ocean thrown in.  I can see the stars in some also.

From: Nikki D'Amico

Hi Curtis, yes I agree with you on the size issue. One reason I haven't put sizes with the images is they are just samples and can be made in any size or shape requested. I think I need to be more clear about that on my Gallery page, though. As you can see I have a lot of work to do on this website.. Thank you for the compliments. May I ask how you found my website?

From: Pegi Christiansen

I love all your experimentation with glazes!!!

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